Roles we primarily place

The majority of our contracts are with the public sector, but we also work with a variety of other organisations. We have extensive networks across the public sector and many longstanding relationships with clients.

Skill areas in demand include:

  • Policy Analysis and Advice, from strategy to implementation
  • Project and Programme Management 
  • Service Design and Delivery
  • Change Management and Human Resources 
  • Business planning, analysis and documentation
  • Business case development
  • Strategy, planning and reporting
  • Organisational Development and Learning and Development
  • Marketing and Communications, digital media
  • Writing and editing
  • Research and evaluation

What we offer you

We are a niche recruitment agency that specialises in the contract market. 

We genuinely care about finding assignments that will match your skills and experience and the way you want to work. 

To find the right roles, we:

  • Keep in close touch with the market
  • Listen carefully to our clients, to ensure we are clear what they are looking for
  • Make sure we understand what kind of work you want to do and why, the environment you work best in and the way you want to work
  • Keep in regular contact during your contract to ensure that it is going well, and provide feedback and support

What you can expect from us

For experienced contractors and consultants, Careering Options will:

  • Actively market your skills and experience
  • Help you transfer your skills into different environments and areas of work
  • Place you in roles where you are likely to succeed
  • Take responsibility for negotiating rates and contracts

For those new to contracting Careering Options will help you:

  • Identify your skills and present them effectively to clients
  • Price your skills appropriately in the market
  • Provide you with feedback and support

    Want to know more?

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    • More about contracting? See some common questions.
    • Or, if you’d just like to ring for a chat or send in your CV, contact us.

Meet Our People

Meet the Careering Options team

Careering Options Scholarship

The Careering Options Scholarship was established seven years ago to encourage and enable our contractors to refresh and develop their knowledge and skills.

This year's recipients are Lucy Saunders and Debbie Gee. 

Lucy will attend a two-day course on the modern data landscape and the presentation and use of data to inform decision-making. With data becoming more critical to government decision-making across a wide range of sectors, Lucy is looking to strengthen her skills in interpreting data when working on policy projects.

Debbie Gee will undertake the Advanced Certificate in Engagement, a course for experienced engagement practitioners who want to update their learning and qualifications with contemporary concepts and standards for stakeholder and community engagement. 

Applications for the 2018 Scholarship close on 8 October 2018.




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